Naval training helped fight nature’s fury: Abhilash Tomy

New Delhi: Golden Globe Race (GGR) participant and Indian Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy on Wednesday said that his naval training helped him fight nature’s fury.

“Sea was unbelievably rough. Me and my boat Thuriya were pitched against nature’s might. I survived because of my sailing skills, the soldier bit in me and my Naval training cut-in for that fight. I am very thankful to the Indian Navy and all who rescued me,” said Tomy.

Indian Navy’s Vice Admiral AK Chawla briefed journalists on the medical condition of Commander Tomy and said, “We have received a report today that Abhilash Tomy is at a hospital in a small island belonging to France. He is well, eating normally and responding well to the treatment. His back injury has been assessed and he is not very serious. But he will require rest and hospitalisation for some time to fully recover.”

Elaborating further on the incident, Chawla said, “He was in a boat taking part in the Golden Globe Race which is a solo circumnavigation of the world with 1968 technology. Tomy has already done this very feat of going around the world solo and non-stop, a few years ago. This time, he was overtaken by a storm with very strong waves reaching as high as 14 meters as per accounts shared by Commander Abhilash Tomy. He got injured in the process.”

“He was spotted on the same day that he was dismasted and injured. A French fishing research vessel was directed to his location and that boat picked him up,” he said.