Naughty Boy questions Zayn Malik’s songwriting credit

London: British producer Naughty Boy is bitter about being removed from Zayn Malik’s debut solo album “Mind of Mine”.

He seems to have reignited their feud when he recently called out Malik over the former One Direction singer’s songwriting claims.

It all began when Malik told a fan on Twitter that “Pillowtalk” was the first song he wrote for the album. A few moments later, Naughty Boy replied in a now deleted tweet saying “Lol”, reports

He also tagged MYKL (MakeYouKnowLove), who co-wrote the track.

He went on to explain in a separate tweet: “This ain’t about me… It’s just about giving credit to MakeYouKnowLove for writing an amazing song, that’s all… Bless. Have a great day.”

He either hinted that Malik didn’t write the song at all or just tried to tell his former collaborator to at least give credit to his co-writer.

Malik and Naughty Boy were once friends and worked closely after the former announced his departure from One Direction. Their relationship fell apart after Malik accused the producer of leaking one of his tracks.