Nature of student agitations changed: DU alumnus Kapila Vatsyayan

New Delhi: Padma Vibhushan and DU alumnus Kapila Vatsyayan on Thursday said the nature of student agitations have changed in contemporary times as she recalled her college days in the 1940s.

Speaking at the first ‘Eminent Lecture Series’ organised by Delhi University to strengthen the continuing bond between the university and its alumni, she reminisced that students were involved in independence struggle back in her times.

Vatsyanan had graduated from Hindu College of Delhi University in 1946. She has authored nearly 20 books and 200 research papers.

“We had agitations back in our days too but they were not on the grounds that you have agitations today. There was no polarisation in those days. You could be a socialist, congressi… or anything but there was no polarisation,” she said.

Talking about taking out protest rallies in campus area during the freedom struggle, the author said she and her college friends used to live a dual life during college days.