Nation’s heaviest baby born in Karnataka’ Hassan

Hassan (Karnataka): A mother in Karnataka’ Hassan gave birth to a baby girl weighing 6.8 kilograms, considered to be India’s heaviest new-born.

A 19-year-old woman, Nandini, gave birth to the infant after a caesarean section at a hospital in Hassan district on Monday The surgery was conducted as the mother was a diabetic.

Though both baby and mother are healthy, doctors have kept the duo under observation to assess the reason for the baby being over-weight.

“They (parents) have done scans but the exact weight of the baby during scan was not known. So when the baby was delivered then only we came to know that it was 6.8 kilogram. Presently, the baby is on full feed, we are giving mother’s milk as well as the power milk also. Baby is taking 15 mls of feed. Baby is doing well,” said Doctor Venkatesh Raju, who supervised the delivery.

Prior to this, the heaviest baby weighing 6.7 kilograms (14.7 pounds) in India was born in November 2015.

“This baby is the heaviest,” Raju added.

A baby boy born in Italy in 1955 holds the world record for the heaviest infant, weighing 10.2 kilograms. (ANI)