Nation’s future, democracy at stake with Modi’s ‘dictatorial governance’: Opposition

Thiruvananthapuram: The nation’s democracy is in peril with Modi’s ‘dictatorial governance’ said CPI leader D Raja adding that the country’s future is at stake as no one can any longer express dissent or question the government’s policies.

“If someone questions or criticizes the government, they are dubbed anti-nationals,” said CPI national secretary D Raja, which offcourse, at many times has been proved too, HansIndia reports.

“Here the RSS and the Sangh Parivar are trying to impose their Hindutva agenda. During the past five years, there has been a systematic attack on all institutions.
Modi spoke maximum governance and minimum government. In fact it has become maximum Modi and minimum or minus governance,” Raja told PTI indicating towards the rise in muscle power and Gunda raj over the past five years.

He had alleged that in a systematic attack, the credibility of CBI, ED, Election Commission is affected and these government institutions are being undermined and misused to their political gains.

Reminding the people it’s high time for “a pro-people secular, democratic alternative government” at the Centre, Raja said, the ruling party should go.

“The Modi government has, in fact, terribly failed to manage the economy. In fact, it is a mismanagement of economy he said adding that the value of the Indian Rupee has been falling down. The way they brought demonetization, the way they implemented GST affected the economy and that is why there is distress in industrial sector….”

Speaking of other evil issues haunting the common man are the unemployment rising as never before as BJP continues to walk on younger generations dreams.