Nationalism Being Questioned In Name Of Freedom Of Expression: Amit Shah

MANGALURU: BJP President Amit Shah today said nationalism was being questioned in the name of freedom of expression and “propaganda” against nationalism could not be considered as freedom of speech.

“It has become a fashion for some people nowadays to question nationalism. This is being done in different places and new theories are being planted.

“Nationalism is being questioned in the name of freedom of expression,” he said, addressing a gathering at Mangalore University auditorium as part of BJP’s ‘Tiranga Yatra’ and ‘Balidana Smarane’ (honouring martyrs) campaign.

Mr Shah said, “Some people were also campaigning on social media on whether nationalism was necessary or not” and that he would like to tell them that independence would not have taken place if there was no love for the national and patriotism.

“The propaganda against nationalism could not be considered as freedom of speech,” he said.

“The entire nation should unite to uphold patriotism. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev and many more sacrificed their lives for the country,” he said.

Mr Shah appealed to the young people to read the history of the country and understand how many people sacrificed their lives for it.

The programmes were being organised to pay tribute to the freedom fighters, to inspire the youth to follow in their path and to remind the youth that the independence the country achieved was because of the sacrifice of lakhs of people, he said.

“This should be an inspiration to the youth to live their life for the country. To live for the nation was the message of this Yatra,” he said.

Mr Shah also said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his foreign policy has emphasised on trade along with culture. The economy of the nation was moving in the right direction, he added.