National symposium on Information security

Hyderabad: Department of Computer Science & Technology of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, in collaboration with ICT Academy, has organized a two-day national symposium on ‘Issues and Challenges in Information Security’.

Rachakonda Commissioner of Police Mahesh M. Bhagwat, I.P.S. was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony. He started his address with a punch “Future crime is cyber crime” and spoke about various cyber crimes, including Advance Fee Scams, debit & credit card frauds, cyber-bullying, misuse of social media by youth, and measures to be taken by people not to fall a prey to such cyber frauds. He stressed upon the need to be aware and adapt a thought “THINK” which reads as (T- is it TRUE, H-is it HARMFUL, I- is it ILLEGAL, N- is it NEEDFUL, K- what KIND is it ) which will definitely help the citizens by not getting into the clutches of Cybercrime.

He also gave a new phrase ‘Prevention is better than detection’. The symposium focused on issues like tracking cyber crimes through different means, particularly cyber forensics; digital signatures for cloud security, security issues in Internet and other aspects of cyber security. The speakers on the Day-1 of the symposium included S. Harinath, Asst. Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime PS, Rachakonda; Rangachary, Regional Manager ICICI Bank Ltd., Risk Control Unit and experts in the field of cyber security. (NSS)