Is our nation ruled by politics of hate and conspiracy ?

By Elyas Muhammad Thumbe

Surge of violence and systematic suppression of a section of people in any country creates itself a notion of insecurity in the minds of its citizen. It’s clearly visible now that presently there are several countries which are reeling under this situation. As a result it yields to unsafe circumstances within the country which stir its peace and progress. The ruling section of any country owes the duty to restrain such kind of wits to save the nation. In spite this liability, if the regime of a country indulges in suppressing and targeting a section of its citizens with calculated heap of discriminative policies and injustice, then one cannot imagine the extent of mayhem those folk face.

India, being the biggest democratic country is now suffering within the clutches of communal and fascist forces. With the backing of ruling government these anti-social elements created a reign of fear among minority sections. They lynch and attack innocents in the name of cow protection. They deliver hate speeches without the fear of prosecution. They consolidate votes by spreading religious hatred and creative divisions among people with false and concocted stories.

Now, with the help of some saffron media the fringe groups started vilification of Muslim personalities who have considerable influence in Muslims. Attempt to vilify Dr. Zakir Naik and Asaduddin Owaisi has though become a prank, the people of this country are witnessing how these fringe groups are madly busy in knitting venomous web to target a particular community. Dr. Zakir Naik is a world famous personality having profound comparative knowledge about religions and also an Islamic preacher. His straight and audacious talk has gained him millions of fans across the world. Being a proponent of peace and harmony he always stood against any kind of terrorism and communalism. The communal saffron groups are not only trying to block him but also frustratingly trying to label terrorism on the renowned scholar. Dragging another popular political figure Asaduddin  Owaisi into their same vicious parlor, shows their frustration and impatience against Muslims and their efforts to progress. Following the footprints of ‘Globel’ they utter lie thousand times to try it to prove true. The BJP government at the Centre’s move to witch-hunt the Muslim personalities and organizations is not a surprise. Right from the demolition of Babri Masjid up-to the brutal lynching in Dadri, everything is clear that they practice the politics of hate and conspiracy.

The attempt of imposing Uniform Civil Code is another effort to suppress the rights and minds of Muslims. Being a secular country with a secular constitution imposing UCC is nothing but a mockery of our constitution and ridiculing the very nature of our country. Our country will not gain anything from such malicious policies of the governments. The ruling party is trying to impose the Hindutva Common Civil Code which is harmful and disruptive to the very being of our democratic secular republic.

If at all the ruling BJP Govt. is willing to curb terrorism in real spirit it has to take stringent steps against its own MPs, MLAs and Sangh Parivarleaders who spit communal venom and institute hatred by calling for annihilation. Why the ruling bjphas not branded those hate mongers and organisers of arms training camps as terrorists?The creation of a fearful atmosphere by fabricating stories and allegations on Muslims and their organizations, clearly indicate that the conspiracies are calculated. When the ideology of RSS itself advocates annihilation of Muslims, Christians and Communists in this country then its offshoots waiving web of hatred and violence is quite natural.

It is time now to unite all secular and peace loving citizens of this country to fight against the fascists who are attempting to own the country and commit ourselves to fight against these communal conspiracies and save the country from the their clutches.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror