Nation reeling from ‘Bure Din’ under ‘Sangh Pracharak’ Modi: Lalu

Patna: Basking in the glory of the mahagathbandhan’s victory in the Bihar Assembly elections, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav on Monday escalated his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi branding him as a ‘Sangh Pracharak’ and said that the entire nation was reeling from ‘Bure Din’.

“Prime Minister Modi is functioning as a Sangh Pracharak and he has besmirched the sanctity of his post. There is a lot of anger in the nation and among the people of Bihar. They thought that they could fool Biharis with false promises and could establish a victory here,” Lalu told the media here.

He further said that instead of the promises of ‘Acche Din’ and ‘Make in India’, the Prime Minister had managed to bring ‘Bure Din’ into the country.

“Prices of essential commodities, railways and even the airlines have gone up. There is absolutely no control over the market and every trader in the nation right now is petrified of what is to come. No one feels safe under the Prime Minister. Even the steel industries have taken a hit. He used to talk about Acche Din and Make in India but has brought Bure Din in the nation,” Lalu added.

Talking about the grand alliance’s victory in Bihar, Lalu said that is was the triumph of their entire unit rather than different parties in the alliance.

“The Dalits, poor and the backward castes of Bihar have helped us in delivering this great victory. This mandate is going to affect the Centre in Delhi and the nation. The BJP kept talking about ‘vikas’, but it was not reflected in their campaign. We kept fighting every salvo which they fired and will continue to do so as this is a battle against Modi and the BJP,” Lalu said.

Asserting that even those who voted for the BJP must be feeling a change of heart about their decision, Lalu said that even they must join the fight in saving the nation from communal forces that are trying to divide the people.

Stating that there will be long-term implications of the verdict of Bihar assembly elections, Lalu said yesterday that the BJP had its eyes set on Kolkata, but the grand alliance stopped their march in Bihar.

The mahagathbandhan won 178 seats in Bihar, a commanding two-third majority in the 243-member assembly. The Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies had to settle for a mere 58 seats.

Various opposition leaders have dubbed the BJP’s drubbing as a rebuke to the aggressive campaigning by the Prime Minister. (ANI)