Naso Filters – Latest innovation to counter pollution and its associated risks

Naso Filters – Latest innovation to counter pollution and its associated risks
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New Delhi: Prateek Sharma, along with his friends developed Naso filters that could prevent one from Pollution and also replace the face mask and nose buds that are used but cause discomfort to the users.
These naso filters are made by utilizing the nano technology.

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Deeper into the story, the idea behind the development of the naso filters came into Prateek’s mind when he saw his mother condition being deteriorated due to high pollution levels. She was also not willing to use nose buds and face mask as they cause discomfort.

When Prateek joined IIT Delhi, he along with his friends Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kewlani studied about varios technologies and finally came out with this innovation. Also, their Professors Manjeet Jassal and Ashwini Agrawal are part of the team. IIT-Delhi alumnus Sanjeev Jain, is an angel investor in the company.

According to an article published in Your story, ‘Nasofilter’, looks and feels like a small strip of paper that one sticks just outside the nostrils, and it can eliminate 95 percent of PM 2.5 pollutants.

They can also be used while sleeping as well.

Nasofilters are made by joining millions of pores on a unit area of a fabric. To achieve increased efficiency, Nanofibers are made by reducing thread diameter of a usual fabric by 100 times so that pollutants are filtered to maximum extent.

With this Naso filter, pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, smallest bacteria (nearly 200 nm), dust mites, and pollen allergens can be filtered out and prevents health risk associated with pollution.

Nano Clean, their Start-up has received Government of India grants under the schemes of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Department of Science and Technology (DST).

For their innovation, they were also presented with the ‘Startup National Award 2017’ conferred by Ex-President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. They were also given award money of Rs 15 lakh from Technology Development Board.

The price of these filters is each pack of 10 costs Rs 98.2. They are available in large, medium and small sizes and they are more in demand in polluted cities like Delhi.

They are also available on Amazon.