NASA cancels first all-female spacewalk over ill-fitting spacesuit

Washington: It is easy for women to change dresses even at the last minute before going out if something doesn’t fit right. However, for International Space Station astronauts an ill-fitted spacesuit marred what would have been a historic all-women spacewalk.

The spacewalk was scheduled for this week, with only female astronauts for the first time ever. The spacewalk was supposed to include astronaut Anne McClain, but there was an issue with the fit and availability of her spacesuit.

As NASA explains in its blog, McClain was supposed to conduct the spacewalk with Christina Koch on March 29.

However, McClain’s learned that a medium-size hard upper torso, which is the shirt of the spacesuit, fit her best and only one such torso can be made ready by Friday, Koch will wear it and conduct the spacewalk with Nick Hague.