Narsimha will become Asst Professor: KTR

IT Minister K T Ramarao today appreciated a physically challenged P Narsimha, a poor Dalit for achieving a goal to become an Assistant Professor from Attender’s post. The minister offered Rs 2 lakh financial assistance and promised to provide him a two-bedroom house by Dasara festival.

On hearing the news of Narsimha achieving his goal in one-and-a-half year, KTR invited him to his chamber in the Secretariat and praised him. The minister gave him Rs 2 lakh towards immediate financial assistance to Narsimha, who hails from Mustabad village in Siricilla district. He is a youth icon for making persistent efforts to get the JRF after passing the examination and got eligibility to become an Assistant Professor, KTR said.

KTR also praised Narsimha for setting a record by overcoming his disability and poverty. The minister said self-confidence always proved handy by overcoming the disability. “I am extremely satisfied with his achievement as helped him earlier”, he noted. It is a success story to inspire the youth on National Youth Day, he said. Narsimha got a job at Vennela College at the behest of KTR and made time to achieve JRF. (NSS)