Narendra Modi’s rallies are like standup comedy shows: Congress

Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed on Saturday mocked Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, and said his rallies are like stand up comedy shows.

“We are also less educated as he is. When a less educated person tries to show himself as an intellect, then he talks like Modi. The speeches he delivers in his rallies are just like a standup comedy,” he said.

“A person ends up like Narendra Modi, when he tries his hand at teaching. Commenting on his rallies means giving importance to him. A less educated man like him is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP, and has been placed to compete with a person of Manmohan Singh stature. He talks foolishly in order to prove himself as an educated man,” he added.

Responding to Modi’s recent statement that if there is development in Bihar, then why do Biharis travel to Delhi, Ahmed said: “People of Gujarat are everywhere in the country. People often travel to different places. Shiv Sena, with whom BJP is in alliance first, started their campaign to send Gujaratis back to their state. Modi supports these people who attack citizens of other states,”

Earlier today, Modi addressed the first of three rallies in national capital New Delhi and accused the ruling Congress Party and the UPA-II Government, which it leads, of trying to repeatedly malign his image in the eyes of the Indian public, but warned that such attacks and strategies would not work.