Narayana demands CM’s arrest on Farmers’ suicides

Alleging that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao was behaving like a dictator and getting Opposition parties’ leaders and activists arrested for merely demanding him honour his own promises, CPI national secretary Dr K Narayana on Saturday demanded that KCR be arrested and put in jail.


As part of all-parties’ bandh call on Saturday on suicides of farmers, the CPI leader, accompanied by his party activists stormed the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station at 6 am on Saturday and all buses coming out of the bus station. With this, the police intervened and tried to arrest the protesters everywhere. Amidst jostling and heated arguments, the police arrested all the protesters and whisked them away to the Afzalgunj police station.


Speaking at the MGBS earlier, Narayana said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was ruling the State as the infamous Hitler and getting Opposition leaders and workers arrested just for asking him to fulfil his own election-eve promises. Holding the Chief Minister responsible for the suicides of distressed farmers in the State, the CPI leader demanded that KCR be arrested under murder charge and put him in the jail. He also warned the Chief Minister that he would be taught a fitting lesson by the people very soon.  He also pointed out that the Chief Minister earned notoriety by evicting Opposition members from the Assembly for demanding one-time waiver of farmers crop loans.

Alleging that KCR was deriving sadistic pleasure over farmers’ suicides, the CPI leader demanded that the State government immediately waive the entire crop loans and inculcate confidence in the farm community. CPI Greater Hyderabad secretary E T Narsimha also spoke lashing out at the Chief Minister’s hostile attitude towards the farmers. He also warned that they would intensify the agitation if the Chief Minister failed to mend his ways and fulfil his promises to the toiling farmers. (NSS)