‘NaMo’ TV has PM everywhere, even in animated asanas

New Delhi: NaMo TV channel that goes after BJP owned PM’s personal mobile app widely telecasts his speeches with little exposure to other leaders who talk about PM and his government’s achievements.

The live feed on this channel is largely restricted to Modi alone, with only a few leaders speeches getting the airtime slot and only when Modi has not started speaking at the pre-determined time, Indian Express reports.

The channel is all about Modi and movies that promote BJP and it’s nationalism.

Though NaMo TV channel’s origin stays under wraps, in secrecy, it, however, appears to live in cracks between the laws governing television channels in the country and gets the live feed from ANI, is centered to only one person alone – Modiji.

Not only the channel shares BJP owned mobile app’s logo, but it also directs it’s viewers to go to narendramodi.in or to download the NaMo mobile app.

The channel also keeps its viewers updated on PM’s next political rally, his speeches made during the day, interviews, etc basically appearing to broadcast Modiji alone.

The channel repeats, on loop and broadcast’s achievements of the Modi-led government in the last five years where it talks about farmers, women, security, digital payments, etc.

The channel also shows movies and teaches several yoga asanas but even those Asanas have animated videos of Modi doing the asanas.