Names of nine blacklisted Hajj volunteers

Names of nine blacklisted Hajj volunteers

Hyderabad: Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare informed that nine Hajj volunteers have been blacklisted and a recommendation has been made to take departmental action against them. These volunteers failed to person their assigned duties in Makkah and Madina during the Hajj season of 2015. He also said that the amounts spent on them would be recovered. This action has been taken to prevent negligence of duties in the future.


He mentioned that some of the employees of Hajj Committee are proceeding to Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage repeatedly and instead of providing services to the Hajj pilgrims, they are spending time in their private activities.


The volunteers blacklisted are as follows:

  1. Shaik Mohammed Ghiyas (Guntur)
  2. Syed Hissamuddin Quadri (Zaheerabad)
  3. Mohammed Abdul Faheem (Kareem Nagar)
  4. Mohammed Ayub Khan (Kadapa)
  5. Abdul Quddoos (Kadapa)
  6. Tajuddin Baba (Chittoor)
  7. Syed Kabeer (Hajj Committee Employee)
  8. Mohammed Nooruddin(Hajj Committee Employee)
  9. Mr. M.A. Rafi Quraishi(Hajj Committee Employee)


–Siasat News