Name baby elephant born in Dudhwa & win gift

Lakhimpur Kheri: An elephant calf was welcomed in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and DTR officials welcome suggestion for her name.

The calf was born on February 3, more than two years after 10 elephants were translocated from Karnataka to Dudhwa tiger reserve’s South Sonaripur range. The Dudhwa forest staff are ecstatic with the new arrival and are getting ready to name the calf born to ‘Teresa’.

The birth is a sign that these pachyderms have finally settled in their new environs.

The Dudhwa staff said that elephants have acclimatized to different weather, food conditions and have even learnt to respond to commands in Hindi, instead of Kannada.

Officials have invited suggestions for the new born’s name from tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. A surprise gift is being offered for the best name suggested.

DTR’s Field Director Sanjay Pathak, said, “Anyone can suggest a name for this calf. Our veterinarian is keeping a constant eye of the condition of the new born and its mother. All the facilities needed are being provided,”

Teresa is the first cow to conceive after the translocation in May 2018.

Last year, a wild bull elephant who had gone ‘musth’ came near the camp searching for a mate. Teresa was released and returned after four days.

During the pregnancy, Teresa was given best possible care as elephants’ gestation period lasts between 18-22 months, the longest among all mammals, the official added.

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