Namaz on flight: Rohit Sardana replies to Rifat Jawaid’s tweet, Raja Singh expresses views

Hyderabad: Journalist Rohit Sardana reacted on the tweet of Rifat Jawaid, founder of Janta Ka Reporter. Later, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA representing Goshamahal Assembly Constituency, Mr. Raja Singh expressed his view.

It all started after Rifat Jawaid shared his experience in domestic flight. He tweeted, “In a domestic flight, I’m seated in the middle. Since it is namaaz time, I seek permission from my fellow passengers seated both to my left and right. I ask ‘would you mind if I pray on my seat?’ Of course they reply ‘not at all.’ “.

He further wrote, “After I’m done, passenger seated to my right, one Mr Mahajan from Jammu, says to me, ‘I’m ashamed as an Indian that you had to ask for permission to do your namaz. I don’t like this India of mine. We know who the culprits are. Rest assured, they will be booted out on 23 May.’ “.

Reacting on the tweet, Mr. Rohit Sardana tweeted, “मने कल को मेरा पूजा का टाइम हो जाए फ़्लाइट के दौरान तो मैं भी धार्मिक आज़ादी के अधिकार के तहत धूप-बत्ती जला के चलते हवाई जहाज़ में आरती की थाली घुमाने की ‘इजाज़त’ माँग सकता हूँ!”. (“If puja time coincides with my journey on the flight, under the right to freedom of religion, can I light candlestick and revolve ‘aarti’ in the air”).

Expressing his view on Rohit Sardana’s tweet, Mr. Raja Singh wrote, “No you can’t do it you would be termed as ‘communal’ Hindu @sardanarohit”.