Nalgonda Honour Killing: Father of daughter suspected to plan murder of Dalit youth

Hyderabad: After the recent honour killing incident of a Dalit youth in Miryalaguda is reported from Nalgonda district, the Police have taken three people into custody but are yet to arrest the killer.

The 23-year-old Dalit youth identified as P Pranay, was hacked to death outside a private hospital in Friday while he was returning home along with his wife Amruta Varshini, TOI reported.

Following the murder, protests were held in Miryalaguda town on Saturday demanding action against the culprits.

According to reports, Pranay had taken his wife Amruta for a routine health checkup as she was five months pregnant. But to their shock, Pranay was murdered in front of Amruta who is currently in shock in hospital.

Amruta now demands justice for her’s husband. Pranay who belonged to Dalit community while Amruta comes from an upper caste community

It is also reported that her family opposed to her marriage with Pranay over caste issues.

Meanwhile, Amruta in her statement on Saturday told her father T Maruti Rao and uncle Sravan Kumar were behind the murder.

So far no arrests have been made while the Police has got hold of CCTV video footages of the hospital.

The alleged accused Maruti Rao reportedly told the police that it was indeed his plan to murder Pranay and that he did not regret his actions. He also added that had paid Rs 5 lakh in advance to the killers and promised to pay the remaining Rs 5 lakh later.

He kept tabs on my movements and this murder was planned by him said Amruta.

“We expected harm from my father but did not believe that he would resort to the killing,” she said.

Amruta and Pranay got married going against their families on January 30 at Arya Samaj office. It was Amruta who insited on inter-caste marriage said Pranay’s father Bala Swamy.

“My father hails from a so-called upper caste but see his actions. Pranay, who was murdered for his lower caste, was very kind to me and would help me in all my daily chores,” Amruta said.