Najeeb’s case: A mother’s hope never dies

Supreme Court has decided to close the case of Najeeb Ahmed, student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, who had suddenly disappeared from his hostel. But a mother can give her life but would not agree that her child should no more be searched for. Najeeb’s mother ran from pillar to post during the past two year. She made rounds of every office, knocked the door of every office, but failed to get a clue what happened to his son.

The case of Najeeb’s disappearance looked so complicated as if any international secret agency had planned to kidnap him. The mind is boggled over the mystery behind his disappearance that even the biggest secret agency of the country failed to trace him. Neither any clue nor any witness could be find and the case was closed.

But the mother‘s wait is endless. She had always been and will be waiting for any good news about his son. She also wants to know what happened to her son. Even if the whole world loses hope, even though CBI stopped searching for the kidnappers, but Najeeb’s mother’s hope will never die. Her eyes will always be waiting for her son.