Najam Qari is ‘crocheting’ her way to success

Srinagar: Crochet designer Najam Qari, a 24 years old Kashmiri woman, is revolutionising the art of crochet in the Valley by creating innumerable patterns of yarns and colours.

She not only churns beautiful designs but also teaches it to other girls. “I am striving hard to revolutionise the concept of crocheting.”
Commenting on crochet work, she said, “Crochet fabric can be worn throughout the year and provides durability as well.”

Inspired by European designs, her crochet designs incorporate ideas from the surroundings. At present, she is just focussing on spreading awareness about the art, and not on making the profits.

“Right now, my main focus is to spread awareness about crochet, and not on generating profit. I am satisfied with my earnings,” she said.

After completing engineering from SSM College of Science and Technology, she started working for a private organisation. Also, she has a diploma in Information Technology.

Working as a freelance web designer changed her attitude towards fashion. “Crochet is a free technique and you are at liberty to blend different patterns and colours in your own unique way,” she said.

Freelancing gives her time to weave her dreams and materialise them. “I wanted to materialise my designs to transmit a sense of uniqueness by creating something of my own, ” she said.

Initially, Najam used to weave crochet items such as sweaters, scarves, socks, caps, and so on for her relatives. Later, when her relatives encouraged her to take it further, she started displaying her work online to attract customers.