Naila Faran, Nuclear medicine expert passes away

Naila Faran, Nuclear medicine expert passes away

Riyadh: Naila Faran, the first female Saudi nuclear medicine expert has passed away. The 37- year-old have specialized in nuclear medicine. Which is a branch of medicine and medical imaging that uses nuclear properties of matter in diagnosis and therapy.

Between 1998-1999 Saudi Aramco has organized a summer program at Faculty of Medical Sciences at King Saud University. Faran was motivated and started her medical career after attending the programme.

In 2000-2001 She completed her training course and graduated in 2002. Then she joined the Advanced Imaging Unit at Dhahran Health Center, affiliate to Saudi Aramco.

She was selected for the Nuclear Medicine Certification Program in California In 2006. And joined Charles Draw University, Los Angeles as well as job training at Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange State. In 2007 she got her full certification.

Faran appreciated the Dhahran Health Center for its top nuclear medicine programs and its openness to innovation.