Is Naidu Modi’s next target after Mamata?

Hyderabad: Center has started taking revenge against the opponents of NDA Govt. before Lok Sabha elections. After the opposition rally held in Kolkata, Modi and Amit Shah have opened a front against Mamata Banerjee. They have increased their visits to Bengal. An attempt is being made to entangle Bengal officials through investigating agencies. With the violence which disrupted Modi’s rally and Amit Shah’s meetings, BJP dumped its forces in order to get a footing for Modi in Bengal. The issue of not allowing the landing of the helicopters of Amit Shah and Adityanath has accelerated the revengeful attitude of the Center. With the arrest of CBI officers by the police in the West Bengal, the Center intends to create constitutional crisis in order to pave way for promulgation of President’s Rule.

Amidst the conflict of powers between the Centre and the State, Congress and other opposition parties supported Mamata Banerjee

CBI’s attempt to entangle Mama Govt. in Chit Funds scam was foiled when the officials of West Bengal did not allow them to raid the residence of Commissioner of Police, Kolkata.

Former PM, Mr. Deve Gowda, CM of A.P, Mr Naidu, DMK Supremo, Mr. Stalin, CM Of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal, Vice President of National Conference , Mr. Omer Abdullah, RJD leader, Mr. Tejashwi Yadav and other leaders criticized the Central Govt. in the Lok Sabha yesterday on this issue.

According to the political analysts, Mr. Modi wants to win Look Saba elections through revengeful actions. These analysts have an apprehension that Mr. Naidu could be the next target after Mamata Banerjee since he is playing an active role in the formation of anti-BJP Front.

Mr. Naidu not only disassociated with NDA but also joined hand with Congress with an made to bring all the anti-BJP forces at a common platform. He has also decided to organize a rally of opposition parties in AP to show strength their strength.

In such a situation, political analysts have an apprehension that Mr. Naidu could be the next target after Mama Banerjee.

It may be mentioned that there is a ‘note for vote’’ case against Mr. Naidu is pending in which he has been implicated as an important accused. Since TRS has a soft corner for BJP, NDA might create problems for Mr. Niadu through investigating agencies.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Naidu would be the next target before the Anti-Modi rally or later?

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