Naidu to Launch Energy Efficient Fans Program in WG Dt.

Promotion of Energy Efficiency is a Noble activity in the interests of the environmental protection and posterity and the  Chie Minister Chandrababu Naidu  must be congratulated for his perseverance & vision to make Andhra Pradesh as the most energy efficient state in the country, opined Justice  G. Bhavani Prasad,  Chairman of AP State Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC).

It is a matter of immense pride for our State that even Govt of India has emphasized the need for other States to follow AP Model of Energy Efficiency programmes, for the benefit of the consumers and the Nation as a whole.  ‘I am quite happy that, a National Programme on Energy Efficiency Fans, which can reduce power consumption as well as electricity bill amount of the consumers, is going to be launched at my native place by the  Chief Minister’, said Justice  Bhavani Prasad.


Disclosing the above details, Ajay Jain,  Principal Secretary /Energy,  Govt of AP after a high level meeting with  APERC Chairperson to discuss the way forward for implementation of Energy Efficiency measures in the State and seek continuous support of  APERC, chaired by APERC Chairman Justice  Bhavani Prasad, said that the  APERC Chairman assured full support and cooperation to the initiatives of the State Govt and the AP DISCOMs in devising and implementing various Energy Efficiency programmes such as LED Bulbs distribution, Agriculture Pumpsets replacement and Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans etc.


During the meeting Chairman / APERC assured that the Commission stands by the interests of the Consumers and in all occasions & proceedings before the Commission on Energy Efficiency initiatives of the APDISCOMs, it has ensured that cost burden on the Consumers is reduced to the maximum extent possible and the other party doesn’t tend to gain beyond norms.


Ajay Jain has informed Justice  Bhavani Prasad that the  Chief Minister has agreed to launch Energy Efficient Fans Program in Narsapur, West Godavari district, (Native of chairman APERC) on June 20 at 10:30am . The CM has also consented to start the distribution of two more LED bulbs to all the SC & ST consumers of the state, at a highly subsidized price of Rs.10/- per bulb.

            In the context of Chief Ministers’ programme in Narasapur, the Principal Secretary has submitted a report to the Chief Secretary, S.P. Tucker stating that if the Govt. distributes at least one lakh fans in each district, it would result in an annual savings of around 180 MU to 200 MU.(NSS)