Naidu advises people to have more kids, whereas Ramdev wants to restrict it to two!

At a time when people like Baba Ramdev are saying to snatch voting rights from those having more than 2 kids, the Andra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has adviced the youths of the country to have more and more children.

Once both Chandra Babu Naidu and Baba Ramdev had always maintained a healthy relationship with the BJP. However, Naidu parted ways with the BJP over Special Status issue with the centre stating that five crore people of Andhra Pradesh feel that the BJP-led government is playing with our emotions.

Now both Mr Naidu and Baba Ramdev are having a difference of opinion on the issue of how many children should Indian citizens have? while one says to snatch voting rights from those having more than 2 kids, and another advised the youths of the country to have more and more children.

It is horrible to see the youths of the country opposing the concept of marriage and even if they are married, they are not interested in conceiving a child, said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Friday.

Speaking at an event here, Chief Minister Naidu said: “Nowadays, youth are reluctant to get married. Even after getting married, the couple is least interested in conceiving a child. It is horrible.”

“Sadly, birth rates are decreasing while deaths rates are increasing in our state,” he said.

Stating that India’s family system is very unique and respectable, Chief Minister Naidu said that Indian couples have to take up the responsibility of “bearing at least one child.”

“Countries like China and Japan are witnessing a downfall of the young population. At present, India is not facing such a problem but it may occur in the future,” Naidu said while comparing India’s population growth with China.

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The Chief Minister also spoke about the age restriction that he has set for those who want to contest the Panchayat elections.

“Recently, I have set a condition that those having more than two children are not eligible to contest Panchayat elections. However, now, we decided to remove that clause. We have decided to encourage them even if they have four children,” he said.

This comes in contrast to the statement given by Baba Ramdev on Thursday over rising population in India that if things are not brought under control, the situation will worsen in the next five-six decades.

“The Central government should snatch away the voting rights and government jobs of the people who give birth to more than two children,” the yoga guru had said.

Recently Yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that in order to control the population explosion in India, those having more than two kids should be deprived of voting rights as well as the right to contest any election.

“There should be no voting rights, no right to contest polls for people having more than two children. They should not be given admission in government schools or government hospitals. They should not be given any government job…” Ramdev had said.

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