Nagpur-Mumbai train derailment: Alert driver felicitated by Lohani

Mumbai : Train drivers Virendra Singh and Abhay Kumar who averted avert a major accident in the Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto Express with their alertness and presence of mind, were felicitated by Chairman Railway Board Ashwani Lohani.

The duo hit the brakes upon realizing that the track ahead was damaged, and by the time the train had reached the defective spot, its speed had been considerably reduced.

Though the incident resulted in the derailment of the locomotive and nine coaches between Asangaon and Vasind stations of Igatpuri-Kalyan section on Tuesday, it did not result in injury to any of the passengers as the speed was considerably reduced due to quick and prompt action by the staff.

Despite the fact that they were involved in the accident, they gained composure and alerted the control room about the gravity of the situation which led to the immediate switching off of OHE supply of both the lines by control, thereby avoiding a serious consequence.

Both of them were felicitated and awarded a sum of Rs. 5000 each. (ANI)