Nagarjunasagar dam : water-level up by 7 feet

Hyderabad: The water level in Nagarjunasagar dam increased by 7-feet on Monday with good inflows from Srisailam project. Officials lifted five crest gates of Srisailam dam on Monday to release water to Nagarjuna Sagar and as a result, it received inflows of 2,08,854 cusecs on Monday. The water level in the dam increased from 540-feet on Sunday to 547-feet on Monday.

Officials expect Nagarjunasagar dam to attain full reservoir level of 590 feet in the next five-six days if the dam receives inflows at the same pace. After this, officials cannot lift the crest gates of Nagarjunasagar dam in the next five-six days. Nagarjunasagar currently has storage of 201 TMCs against the full storage capacity of 312 TMCs.

Officials released 7,578 cusecs to the right canal, 1,650 cusecs to the left canal to meet agriculture and drinking water purposes from Nagarjuna Sagar dam on Monday besides 12,425 cusecs to general hydel power. Srisailam dam continued to receive good inflows on Monday from upstream Karnataka projects and Jurala. Srisailam received inflows of 1,63,497 cusecs on Monday. The current water level of Srisailam stands at 882.30-ft against FRL of 885-ft.

The water level in Sriramsagar project has increased to 1072.60-ft as against FRL of 1091-ft. The present storage capacity is 34.401 TMC as against the full storage of 90 TMC. The inflows increased to 69,570 cusecs on Monday as a result of heavy downpours.