Naga women donate ‘hair for hope’

Dimapur: Almost thirty people willingly donated their hair at a special charitable hair donation event for cancer patients at the Lighthouse Church in Dimapur this weekend.

‘Hair for Hope India’ is a first of its kind event in the North-Eastern region.

The donated hair will be converted into wigs and donated to economically-challenged chemotherapy patients.

Amen Jamir, the lady behind the drive said that losing her mother to cancer ignited her zeal to help cancer patients.

“The Hair for Hope page which I came across on Facebook a few years back was the right place to volunteer,” she added. Since then, she has donated her hair twice.

The donated hair will be directly sent to Hair for Hope, Bangalore for further processing.
Sharing her story, Ahimsa Zhimomi, a cancer survivor said that as a social worker and evangelist, she suffered the stigma and self-pity, considering herself unfortunate and cursed.

Zhimomi is now the President and Founder of a Cancer Support Group. Talking about her journey as a cancer survivor she said that it taught her the acceptance and faith she needed to inculcate.
Recalling her chemotherapy, Narola Longchari, another cancer survivor said that losing her hair was challenging and painful.

Women, mothers, young girls and also a young man donated their hair and also pledged for lifetime donation at the event.

Alex Kikon, a young man in his 20s, who loved his long hair, was the only man among them who sacrificed his hair saying he wanted to ‘donate his hair for a cause.’

All donors were felicitated with a certificate from Hair for Hope, India.

The event also saw the launching of ‘Protect your Mom, Asia Campaign’ an initiative for breast cancer self-exam awareness under the same banner. (ANI)