Naga peace talks progressing well, says Rajnath Singh

New Delhi [India]: Peace talks between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivaha are progressing well and both are finding an amicable solution to issues.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently attended the 53rd Naga Student Union, Delhi’s annual gathering at Tyagaraj Sports Complex, where he ensured that the Naga people will have their rightful honour, dignity and pride of place.

His presence at the occasion brought a positive feel and lifted the hopes of the Naga people, particularly the students living in Delhi.

While addressing the gathering, Singh said the ongoing talks between the government and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) for restoration of peace in the region was progressing well.

Singh also instilled a trust and boost the confidence levels of the Naga people. He assured that enduring peace in Naga areas is not far away.

Meanwhile, Singh also acknowledged the unique culture of the Naga people and admired their bravery and strong sense of pride towards the nation.

“I am a great admirer of the Naga people, their bravery, their strong sense of pride in themselves and their unique culture. The initiative to resolve the Naga issue, for once and all, to the greatest satisfaction of Naga people has made good progress in the last two years. We are confident that the enduring peace in Naga areas is not far away,” said Singh.

Singh said that India cannot be happy if the Naga people are unhappy.

“My dear friends, this city is yours and it is the duty of the government to help you feel ownership. The Government of India is committed to ensuring that the Naga people have their rightful honour, dignity and pride of place. And I know that India cannot be happy if our Naga brothers and sisters are unhappy. India cannot be great unless our Naga brothers and sisters share this sense of greatness,” Singh added.

“We have called our honourable Union Home Minister with the specific reason that there is an on-going Indo-Naga peace talk which we feel that this event will be the right platform for him to engage with the public, individually and socially. So that, whatever is happening at the official level about the peace talk can be make more successful with more support from the public, “said Phungshok Khongreiwoshi, President, NSUD.

It was for the first time that a high-profile guest had graced an event, organized by Naga Student Union Delhi, to give a warm reception to freshers.

“I am very happy that the student community of Nagaland and entire northeast are going into areas which are non-traditional areas like they are going into corporate sector, hospitality sector, hotel management etc and they are doing so well. And the skills development programmes of the GoI, they are upgrading the skills and contributing to the society for development, and therefore, I strongly believe that the students must focus on to what they are going to achieve in life,” said Jyoti Kailash, Principal Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, New Delhi.

Performances from various well-known music bands and artists like Towering Faith, Red Light Passenger and many others from the Naga community, indeed, showcased the people craze for music.

“We are very glad to be here always, whenever we are invited for such events. Today, we are very delighted because we like to play music and this is what we do. And specially this is a gathering for Nagas and we are all from different communities, so, it means a lot to us, “said the gleaming vocalist from Red Light Passenger, Thotmung Muivah.

A runway presentation by budding Designer, Khrielasier Liezietsu from Nagaland steals the cultural evening.

Scintillating performances by dance troupes from different Naga communities, showcasing their rich culture, left the audiences awestruck.

Such platform has indeed, create a confidence and shown the utmost sincere from every level, be it the central government, civil society, student organizations, towards the respectable solution. (ANI)