‘Naam Shabana’ made an impact as it was a risky genre: Taapsee Pannu

New Delhi [India]: Tapsee Pannu, who has wowed us with stunts and action sequences in ‘Naam Shabana’, feels she wouldn’t have made such an impact if it wasn’t a risky genre.

Speaking about nation’s first ever spin-off, Taapsee told ANI, “If I would have tried something very safe, I don’t think I would have been able to make such an impact. It was an experiment that could go either way, that is why it has made such an impact. When we did ‘PINK’ too, it wasn’t a genre or subject that is risk-free.”

The 29-year-old feels ‘heartening’ to see audience’s response to the flick as she says, “The response has been very good and I have nothing to complain about. It’s so heartening to see how people have responded to a film led by someone as new as me and especially a genre which they do not associate with a female. I look forward to the responses coming on timeline.”

While people are coming up to her with compliments like it’s her best performance till date, Taapsee, on the other hand feels she is a bad judge of her own performance.

“I’m extremely bad at judging my own self. So, after I saw ‘Naam Shabana’ I knew it is not a bad film and I have not done a bad job. How good it is, I have left it to the audience.”

Taapsee, who is all excited to start shooting for her upcoming flick ‘Judwa 2’ in London, said, “I am really looking forward to the change in genre, look and personality. It would be a relaxed one for me where I won’t have to do the strenuous stunt sequences. So, this movie is going to be a laugh riot for me, not just on screen but off screen as well.” (ANI)