Na Salaam Na Namaaz: Indian Muslims forced to change basic way of living

NEW DELHI: The recent incidents of mob lynching by right-wing vigilantes and the alleged targeting of the minorities in the country and also the failure of the present Government in providing security has forced Muslims in modern India to self-censor.

Angellica Aribam, a former NSUI member took to Twitter to explain how the vicious atmosphere in the country has forced India’s minority Muslims to even change their basic way of living.

According to The Quint, the Twitter thread started when Aribam on 23 July, explained how dear friend of her had stopped carrying mutton in her lunchbox for fear of being lynched and the fear that is justified in today’s times especially when you’re a Muslim man.

Indian Muslims shared the concerns and their anxieties on the same Twitter thread.

Historian Rana Safvi also shared that after 2015 Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching , she is reluctant about getting mutton delivered to her house.

Leave about lunchbox and meat, according to many who responded, merely bearing a identity as a Muslim becoming the biggest worry for them.

From greeting parents on phone or in public places with a “salaam” to wearing a “Kurta pyjama” for offering Friday namaz, Muslims are scared as the insecurity is growing everywhere and fear become an everyday reality for them.

Not to invite life-threatening consequences, Muslims are becoming caution and avoid travelling during Eid time because “mahaul kharab hai Eid ke time travel mat karna (traveling during Eid is no longer safe)”.