N Korea “flower garden of human love”

Pyongyang [DPR Korea]: North Korea has claimed to be a “flower garden of human love” and a “utopia envied by humankind” in the face of US criticism over human rights violations in the country.

Dismissing USA’s criticism, KCNA quoted a North Korean human rights association stating that the US’s push for human rights is comparable to “an act of political terrorism” against North Korea.

Furthermore, the association also underscored that the US raised the issue of human rights against North Korea to “wipe out the most superior place for the people in the world and the utopia envied by humankind by toppling our socialist system.”

All of these claims were published in a questionnaire which was carried by North Korea’s state media, according to Yonhap News Agency.

In fact, the association also projected North Korea to be a country where all “political and democratic freedoms” are assured, everybody has a job and the government extends free housing, free education and free medical services to the people.

“Point out if there is a flower garden of human love like our republic on the planet,” the questionnaire remarked.

These claims come after the UN passed a resolution against North Korea’s human rights abuses. North Korea had slammed the resolution while calling out South Korea for participating in it.