N D Tiwari admitted to AIIMS

Veteran Congress leader N D Tiwari was today admitted in All India Institute of Medical Sciences after he complained of uneasiness.

Admitted in the old private ward of the hospital, the 86 rpt 86-year-old politician is under the supervision of Dr M
Suneja, a doctor in the department of Medicine at AIIMS.

“He was brought to the hospital at 2pm and was wheel chair-bound. Though he is well now, since he has diabetes,
Parkinson’s diseases, hypo-thryrodism and ischemic heart disease, he has been asked to undergo multiple tests.

After the reports come, we can decide on the next mode of medication,” a doctor with the hospital said.

Following the directives of the Supreme Court, Tiwari had given his blood sample in Dehradun yesterday in connection to the paternity suit filed by Rohit Shekhar who claims to be his biological son.