Mysterious man enters Masjid in Jagtial, creates panic

Jagtial: Panic prevailed in Jagtial when an unknown youth belonging to majority community entered into Masjid Shahbaz after Friday prayers. Police besides local president Millat Islamia, Riyazuddin Mama and a large number of youth gathered there. On questioning the youth could not give any satisfactory answer nor did he have identity card. He declared himself to be the resident of Bengal state. On frisking some clothes and a screw driver kit was found in his bag. His appearance was quite suspicious. He had burns on hands and chest and hands had cut marks too. He was wearing Tilak and beard and was also wearing Hindu mala as well as cross around his neck.

Keeping in view his weird condition, without taking any action the local Muslims gave him Rs. 100 for food and handed him over to the local police. However they called Circle Inspector Karunakar on phone and asked for complete enquiry and investigation.

The man was sitting under a tree in the graveyard adjacent to the masjid before Friday prayers when asked by someone he told that his was resting. After the musallis left the masjid following prayers the man sneaked into the masjid. When he was questioned about the reason for his entry, he became nervous and gave excuse of searching for a washroom. Immediately police was called. Local police took him into custody and started interrogation. He is not revealing his name correctly. On one occasion he told his name as Nagarjuna Singh and on another occasion he told his name as Arjun Khan. Police is investigating the case.