My voice becomes stronger: Prakash Raj on ‘Gauri Lankesh killers planning to kill him’ report

Hyderabad: “Not threatened at all”, said actor Prakash Raj on Thursday, on reports that the killers of journalist Gauri Lankesh had planned to kill him as well.

“I laugh at these sorts of threats.I’m not threatened at voice becomes stronger. Forces like these are bringing hatred in the country,” Raj told, while speaking to ANI.

Further expressing concern over “installing fake propoganda in youngsters”, he said, “What I’m more worried about is who brain washes these youngsters and why? Through these threats we can understand- how arrogant and fearless they are? Especially in installing fake propoganda in youngsters.”

Sharing a news report of the Special Investigation Team (SIT), probing Gauri Lankesh’s killings, the actor took to Twitter on Wednesday saying, “Bengaluru: Gauri killers planned to eliminate actor Prakash Rai, reveals SIT probe. ..Look at the narrative to silence voices.. my VOICE will grow more STRONGER now .. you cowards .do you think you will get away with such HATE POLITICS”.

A local Kannada news channel reported that according to the SIT investigation, Gauri Lankesh’s killers had conspired to kill Raj, after he targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Gauri Lankesh was shot dead outside her Bengaluru residence on September 5, 2017. (ANI)