My remarks about Nirbhaya misinterpreted: Former Karnataka DGP

Bengaluru: Former Karnataka Director General of Police H.T. Sangliana on Friday said his remarks about Nirbhaya are misinterpreted.

Sangliana, while attending ‘Nirbhaya Award’ ceremony, organised last week to honour women, had said that he could “imagine how beautiful the gangrape victim would have been” by seeing the “good physique” of the late medical student’s mother.

Asha Devi, the mother of 2012 Delhi gang-rape victim Nirbhaya, on Friday said the comments of Sangliana show the mentality of Indian society.

Talking to ANI, Sangliana said, “I consider my statement to be totally within the limit. I feel people are making an issue out of a non-issue. I said it in order to emphasise the relevance of protection and security to women, who should be given protection all the times.”

The former police official, known for fighting corruption in the state, had also created a fresh row by saying: “If you are overpowered, you should surrender, and follow up the case later. That way we can be safe, save a life, prevent being killed.”

Nirbhaya was on December 16, 2012 gang-raped and tortured by six persons, including a juvenile, in a moving bus while travelling with a friend here.

The attackers had gruesomely beaten the victim with an iron rod and pulled out her intestines. (ANI)