‘My Jain friends are BEEF EXPORTERS’: Watch PM Modi interview

Mumbai: PM Modi, in a TV special program broadcast by ABP News special program titled “Ghoshna-Patra Mein Narendra Modi” in 2014 general elections stated that “some of his Jain friends too are associated with the beef export business”.

“I have some Jain friends. They too are associated with this business”, Modi is seen as saying in the video.

PM Modi’s statement was come in response to the question put forward to him by the anchor. The anchor during the program pointed out that beef export doing well even during the last BJP-led NDA government and asked the PM why his government did not take any action.

His response, as shown in the 20-second video was posted on YouTube first by Media Watch on April 23, 2014, while campaigning for the 2014 Lok Sabha.

“Mere kayi Jain mitra haien.. joh is vyapaar mein haien…. (I have some Jain friends. They too are associated with this business).”


The video clip was re-uploaded by Akash Jain on Sep 13, 2015 and again by Holy India on October 05, 2015, shows the youtube history.

PM’s confession that his Jain friends are associated with the beef export business is important following the ruckus created by the members of the Jain community demanding a ban on mutton and beef during their festival and also the lynching of a 50-year-old Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri on mere rumors that he had consumed beef.

The 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign of PM Modi has many a time referred about ‘Pink Revolution’. News of non-Muslims in the beef export business is not a secret and there are ample evidence that show non-Muslims not only associated in the beef export business but are also earning huge profits.

Under PM Modi’s government, beef export has registered a 15% growth more than what it was during the Manmohan Singh government.