My govt’s first priority to make India corruption free: PM Modi in Jakarta

Jakarta: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, while addressing the Indian Diaspora in Jakarta, threw light on the government’s first priority, which is to make India corruption free, citizen-centric and development friendly.

“Our first priority as a government is to make the country corruption free, citizen-centric and development friendly,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Indian community in Jakarta.

Highlighting “strong” bilateral relationship between both the countries, the visiting Prime Minister noted that not only do the names of the two nations rhyme but also there is a distinct rhythm in the India-Indonesia friendship.

“Both India and Indonesia have a sensitive outlook when it comes to helping those in need. We do not see the colour of anyone’s passport, we help our fellow humans who require any assistance,” he added.

The Prime Minister used the opportunity to announce that India is making arrangements for free of cost visa for Indonesian citizens for travel of up to 30 days.

Prime Minister Modi also heaped praises on the Indian diaspora in Jakarta and recognised their “commitment” towards keeping their Indian heritage alive.

“You are equally committed to your roots in India as you are to Indonesia, many of you are Indonesians but India is there in your hearts,” Prime Minister Modi told the Indian community in Jakarta.

The visiting Prime Minister likened India to Indonesia as both the countries are proud of “their democratic ethos and their diversity.”

“In 2014 the people of India voted for a government headed by a person belonging to a poor background. Similarly, the people of Indonesia elected President Joko Widodo whose background is also humble,” Prime Minister Modi underscored.

Prime Minister Modi, who is on a three-nation tour to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, reached Jakarta last evening.

He began his first official engagement in the Indonesian capital by laying a wreath at the Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery and was then accorded a ceremonial welcome with a guard of honour at the Istana Merdeka-one of the six presidential palaces of Indonesia.

The aim of the visit is to enhance India’s relations and engagements with all the three countries, which forms Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). (ANI)