My family was slaughtered,Modi should be punished

New Delhi,September 12 : Gujrat ordeal specially for the people who saw their family members hacked and burnt alive in front of their eye is a nightmare and their expectation with the Supreme court are very high.For the victims of the Gulbarg Society massacre, it’s been a nine-year long wait for justice. Imitiyaz Pathan, who lost 8 members of his family is among the few who came forward to testify against the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Imtiyaz Pathan clearly remembers February 28, 2002, the day when rampaging mobs slaughtered eight members of his family, including his mother at Ahmedabad’s Gulbarg Society. Imtiaz is among those few victims who have sworn in court that they saw and heard former MP Ehsaan Jaffri make frantic calls to Chief Minister Narendra Modi for help but help that never came.

“Jaffri sir said that he had called Narendra Modi to ask him for help. I asked Jaffri Sir what Modi had said, he told me that instead of helping, Modi abused him. He became disheartened and gave up the struggle. He spoke to the rioters outside and asked them to take him and spare the women and children. Four men came in and took him out on to the road where they killed him,” said Imtiyaz Pathan, Riot Victim.

Jaffri and seventy others were killed at Gulbarg that day. And now nine years down the line Imtiaz hopes all those responsible for the riots will face the due process of law. He is waiting for the Supreme court judgement on a petition filed by Ehsaan Jaffri’s widow Zakia, seeking criminal proceedings against Narendra Modi and 61 others, including cops, bureaucrats and Sangh Parivar members.

“The names I have taken, I have taken in the hope that they will be brought to justice,” said Zakia Jaffri, Petitioner.

“I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will deliver justice to us, that Narendra Modi will be held responsible and punished,” said Imtiyaz Pathan.

Imtiyaz is just one of those thousands of communal riots victims who are hopeful that the Supreme Court order will pave the way for initiating