My book receiving flak for containing truth: Reham Khan

London: Social activist and journalist Reham Khan on Friday said her upcoming autobiography ‘tell-all’ has become a centre of controversy not because it was leaked but for containing truth.

In an exclusive interview to ANI, Reham said, “My book has been receiving criticism not for it getting leaked but for the truth it includes. Even if I write the book or not everyone knows the fact.”

Reham, former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, also said that she received death threats for releasing the book.

“I have received death threats for releasing the book. I was also threatened to be defamed for the same. This is very depressing but I’m an optimistic person so these things don’t pull me down in life,” she added.

The upcoming autobiography, which has prompted court notices from her political arch-rivals, reportedly includes details of her interactions with various celebrities and her marriage with Imran.

The anchor-turned-journalist further said that people should not be afraid about the release of the autobiography as it only revolves around her life struggles.

Reham further said her book showcases how to conduct oneself and overcome failures.

“The book is all about my life…the struggles and how I overcame it. After reading my book many women will find a small part of herself too. I hope and pray that all that has happened to me should never happen to anyone. This book showcases how to conduct oneself, overcome failures and what led to my mistakes,” she said.

“It’s also about my journey on entering journalism and becoming an anchor and the glamorous life which I once owned. How I changed my culture from one to another. I’m very frank and open in my book… people who are afraid should not be because it’s all about me and my life,” she added.

Earlier, Imran filed a petition to stop Reham’s autobiography being published in the country following which a stay order was issued on her book launch.