‘My birth & death with TRS only’, Harish slams news channel for cooked up report

Taking a serious exception and anguish over the “intentional and malicious” campaign against him of changing loyalty to the BJP, an enraged Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today warned of criminal action against news channel, social media or any newspaper. “I have so far clarified a number of times that my birth and death are with the TRS only”.

Addressing the media at TRS Legislature Party office here today, an exasperated Harish lashed out at some media channels for targeting him without any proof and baseless charges. “I was born as a leader of the TRS and end with it. I rose to become a minister by sacrifices through statehood movement and by giving up minister posts earlier”, he said, adding that “Being a disciplined soldier of the TRS, I will just abide by the word of the Chief Minister and nothing else. Whatever KCR says will be final and it is my path”, he said and fumed at the reports of switching loyalties.

Dismissing the reports that he was preparing to join the BJP with some of the MLAs as baseless, Harish Rao said the newspapers or news channels should not publish and air such cooked up news reports and warned of criminal action if they fail to mend their mischievous ways. “I have already called up DGP Mahender Reddy to initiate action against such malicious campaign by a news channel”, Harish said. His remarks assume importance in the wake of political ramifications and changing scenario and third front proposed by K Chandrasekhar Rao to pave way for KTR to become chief minister. (NSS)