Must watch: NDTV’s Ravish nails down SIMI’s alleged fake encounter

New Delhi: The escape of all the 8 SIMI members Bhopal Central Jail raised serious questions.

Bhopal Central Jail, which is among the most secure in the state since it was awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certification and has round-the-clock electronic surveillance system.

The under-trials, who were imprisoned in the BLOCK B before fleeing, broke the barracks. They slit the throat of head constable Rama Shankar with sharpened pieces of steel plates.

Following this they scaled the prison wall with the help of bed sheets.

Why no one saw them fleeing? It is not possible to break three barracks. How it is possible to scale the jail wall which is supposed to be 16-17 feet tall?

Grainy video footage of a few seconds shows a police personnel firing at the motionless SIMI members.

Another video show a police saying that the undertrials wanted to talk to them. Then why did the police fired at them?

There were many questions.

Watch the video:

YouTube video

The members of banned outfits were gunned down by the Madhya Pradesh police on Monday at Malikheda on the city outskirts.