Must Watch: Modi’s paid media exposed with RTI proof by Abhishek Mishra

New Delhi: Youtuber Abhishek Mishra exposes the ‘Real Face’ of BJP and PM Modi, how they are fooling people by making fake and false statements.

The video was uploaded by Abhishek on his channel showed RTI proofs that how DAVP is paying lakh of rupees to media houses.

A total of 14 newspapers including The Times of India (96,000), Hindustan Times(1,8,345), Punjab Kaseri(40,00), Dainik Baskar(21,000) were paid for publishing stories and interviews.

And the newspapers like Patrika and Outlook India who published the news articles against the BJP government, didn’t get even a single government advertisement.

Abhishek furthers added that those who spoke in favour of them are patriots and those who are against them were traitors.

If Ravish Kumar spoke against the Modi led BJP government he is a traitor and if their favourite Sudhir Choudary spoke, he is patriot, according to BJP.

Watch the complete video: