Must watch: Gauri Lankesh’s message of ‘Dalit, Minorities unity’ against radical Hindutva ideology

Must watch: Gauri Lankesh’s message of ‘Dalit, Minorities unity’ against radical Hindutva ideology

BENGALURU: Popular Front of India organised a National Conference in 2007 titled “Empower India” where slain Gauri Lankesh was one of the chief guests.

The focus of the conference is to bring together all the marginalised, such as minority communities, backward classes and Dalits on one platform.

The fearless journalist while addressing the gathering, said:

“Indian King Tipu Sultan who fought the British and martyred was the only king in the world to be martyred in the battlefield during the battle.

He envisioned a peaceful, secular and empowered society. We too envision the same.

This conference is named empowered India, But to empower whom?

As far as we are concered, it is the m,uslim, Dalits and backward classes of the country are the ones to be empowered.

This conference for empowerment is the first step. It is the fearless and confident step.

If we people want empowerment, we should know our enemies first. It is the corrupt politician and the fascist and we should work towards disempowering them.

Our police has become so communalized in Dakshina Kanada that during a communal disturbance, police forcibly entered Muslim houses and physically abused Muslim women and children.

See today, how many police officers are roaming around here today at this gathering?

They are not merely standing; they have got guns, bullets, teargas as if some problem is going to occur.

When Muslim and Dalits get organized and demand their rights, why is the police so worried?

“We shall overcome! We shall overcome one day. Deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome one day.”

Senior Kannada journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh known for her left-leaning outlook and forthright views against Hindutva politics killed by unidentified assailants at her residence in Bengaluru.

In an audacious attack, motorcycle-borne assailants pumped bullets into 55-year-old Gauri, as she left her car after reaching her home.