Here are some must have apps for women

New Delhi: With the numerous apps out there, and the technological innovation that occurs every second in the world, we’re definitely in a great place when it comes to the virtual world making our lives better.

From the barrage of essential mobile applications that we’re bombarded with, everyday, here are a few solid options that work as a personal assistant for women and give instant solutions for all their needs.

– Haptik- Handling everything alone kind of becomes difficult when you don’t have help. A virtual personal assistant, like Haptik do multiple things on one single app – be it calling a handyman to making reservations to setting up reminders. Haptik app helps you get things done for you over chat. This app helps complete real tasks, in real time so you don’t have to scout the internet or browse your phone.

– Epaylater- Running through the city in that painful fashionable footwear and carrying the huge-heavy bag with all your essentials is not an easy job. Finding the wallet in the huge bag is always a task. So ePayLater will make your life much easier by making the payment on behalf of you in just click of a mobile button. ePayLater, a new-age digital payment solution, which allows you to buy now and pay later along with a credit term of 14 days. It combines the best of convenience and ease in payment methods to make credit available at both online and offline point-of-sale.

– Practo- Women often forget to check upon their health, however app like Practo helps clear health doubts. Practo serves as a personal assistant from searching nearby doctors or hospitals to getting admitted. The app also helps to get ambulance in less than 30 minutes in case of emergency from the nearby hospital – without any extra charge for booking.

– Zophop- Women who travel long distances for work will surely find, Zophop a great app to find a train, metro or bus. This app cleanly shows all the upcoming arrival times of bus, train, uber in your area and keeps your daily commute on track. Covering 15 cities and counting, Zophop combines all the transport modes available in each city, to bring you the best way to get from A to B. It’s simple, easy to use and oh-so-effective. The app also gives you live updates. Give it a go.

– Urban Clap- If you are over burdened with household work, then you can always call for professionals providing services for all the household needs through UrbanClap. From repairing a fuse, fixing broken tap, planning a party, home cleaning, car servicing, salon- UrbanClap is the ultimate destination for all service needs.