Muslims waiting for implementation of educational, economic concessions

Hyderabad: The minorities in Telangana are waiting for the implementation of GO MS 16 for the past three years. GOMS 16 provided a different kind of concessions to the minorities at par with the SC and ST communities.

It is an irony that the officials of the Minority Welfare themselves are unaware of the directives stated in the aforesaid GO in 2018 by the then chief secretary Dr Shailendra Kumar Joshi.

While the government is fully focused to ensure the Dalit communities’ economic progress the GOMS 16 dated March 13, 2018, has come to the fore wherein the minority communities were also given educational and economic concessions.

The Constitution has given SC and ST communities many concessions and the state government had decided to provide 8 such concessions to the Minority communities.

But unfortunately, nobody has cared to implement the government order so far.

The 8 concessions given to the minorities communities include free coaching for qualifying exams to get admission in foreign universities such as TOEFL and IELTS. The GO provided coaching facilities for 1000 minority students.

Like SC and ST communities the Minority law graduates and Advocates were to be given financial help. In every District, 10 minority law graduates and in Hyderabad 100 law graduates were to be given monthly stipend for 3 years.

Skill development centres for training the minority candidates were to be set up in Hyderabad, Warangal, Nizamabad and Mahabubnagar. Each centre to be set up at a cost of Rs 25 crores.

The GO also directed for the setting up of Minority Welfare fund for orphanages, old homes, handicapped centres and financial help to other welfare institutions on the pattern of a social welfare fund for scheduled caste communities.

The GO also directed to provide subsidy for minority small and medium industries.

Similarly, the small and medium farmers of the minority communities were to be given financial packages as per the GO.

Minority Welfare has 4 schemes out of the 8 stated in the GO but unfortunately, the Minority Welfare Department itself is not keen to implement these concessions.