Muslims targeted in print & electronic media: Dr. Asma Zahra

Speaking to press persons here at Basheer Bagh Press Club, Dr. Asma Zahra, member of All India Muslim Personal Law board said that these days Muslims are being targeted in media. Issues like marriage, divorce, polygamy, large number of children etc are highlighted in print and electronic media to defame Muslims. She claimed that 97 percent of the Muslim marriages are successful and Muslim women are secured and protected due to Muslim personal law. There may be ups and downs in the marital life for that men and women are given equal rights. Men are given right to give divorce while women are given right to seek divorce (khula). No man or woman wishes to give divorce or seek khula, there are some causes behind that.

Dr. Zahra further maintained that Muslim women’s rights are well protected under 1986 Act of the Indian constitution. There is also section 1939 for marriage law. There is no need to make amendment in this law. Muslim women are secured through this act. In section no 1986 Muslim women are also given right to seek divorce and maintenance. Muslim women oppose amendment in Muslim Personal Law or enforcement of Uniform Civil Code as they are very much protected by Muslim Personal Law and there is no need for amendment, she added.

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