Muslims students celebrated V-Day as ‘Abba Ammi Ibadat Diwas’ to express love for parents

Ahmedabad: Muslims students from Juhapura celebrated Valentine’s Day as ‘Abba Ammi Ibadat Diwas’.

According to Ahmedabad Mirror, a city-based ashram took the initiative to celebrate V- day as ‘Matru Pitru Pujan Diwas’ in different schools but was quite surprised to know that even Muslim students were also involving themselves in the programme.

Students of New Age High School in Juhapura were of the view that all religion asks you to respect your parents. While like Hindus, they won’t worship but makes a decision to seek their blessings on the occasion.

Akbar Umariya, principal,The New Age High School, said, “We do have moral science lessons and respect to elders is ingrained in the values the school imparts. We also invited scholars to address the students on greeting and respecting parents.”

“In Islam, they say that Jannat is beneath your parent’s feet and they should be treated with a lot of respect. So, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by pledging to take care of our parents,” said Aliya Pathan, a student.

Umair Sheikh, another student, said, “Love comes in so many forms. There is love between children and parents and between siblings, too. So while the world celebrated romance, we celebrated V-Day by remembering our parents’ contribution to our lives and pledging to take care of them.”