Muslims stage dharna against triple Talaq bill on Parliament Street

New Delhi: On the invitation of Raza Academy, scholars of Ahle Sunnat staged a dharna at Parliament Street just before the beginning of the parliament session. Declaring the introduction of triple Talaq bill as unconstitutional they demanded the withdrawal of the bill which was passed in the Lok Sabha.

The scholars from across the country on the appeal of Raza Academy staged the dharna in the name of Shariah Bachao. The scholars said that the bill is unaccepted and it has several flaws. They described it interference in shariah. They said the government should have consulted the Shariah experts before finalizing the bill but the government’s intentions are not fair. It is not ready to understand the sentiments of 3.5 Cr women who believe that shariah is everything for them.

The women who moved to Supreme Court on the issue of Talaq joined BJP just after the bill is passed in Lok Sabha this shows that they are being exploited by the RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad to gain their political interest.

A large number of scholars were present on the occasion who demanded that government should stop the drama of false sympathy and stop interfering into Shariah.