Muslims should refrain from lavish expenditure: Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad, February 02 (Siasat News): It is essential for the Muslim community to curtail their lavish expenditure in the form of various functions organized for one or the other reasons.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan was addressing a gathering in connection with the alliance of the Muslim boy and girl for the sacred purpose of marriage called Du Badu. He said that Muslim girls are now highly educated and can be seen in every field to serve the people and to look after their families.

This Du Badu programme was the fifth under the aegis of MDF. He expressed his regrets about the Muslim boys who are left behind in the field of education and said that this is high time that they should also be brought to the level of the Muslim girls. The programme was conducted at Anwarul Uloom College, Mallepally where Maulana Syed Shah Afzal Bayabani, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor Siasat and other eminent citizens were also present.

In today’s programme 11 alliances were finalized. Continuing his speech, Mr. Khan said that in the coming century, the Muslim community would be the world’s largest community and if it remain economically and educationally backward, it would become the subject of mockery for other communities. Maulana Afzal Bayabani, in his address said that the activities run by Siasat Daily are fruitful for the welfare of the Muslim community and suggested that this kind of programmes should also be introduced in districts too.